Coal & Other Mineral Inspection




Starting from February 2006, we will be equipped with the complete and modern laboratory for serving coal analysis for quality determination.

The first one will be ready in Samarinda for serving the coal community at the region of East Kalimantan.


The second one will be ready to serve in the region of South Kalimantan.

Our coal laboratory offers care analysis and quality certification services for pre   shipment and / or stock pile for both domestic and international coal trading for mining companies as well as traders.


Those laboratories certainly do not serve only for these 2 regions but also for the rest of the Indonesian territory as long as the samples are received at the above laboratories in good time just to ensure the reliable result.


Accordingly, since we are sufficiently manned by many qualified marine and more experienced surveyors, coal quantity determination can also be conducted in line with the above quality determination, at stock pile, during loading and/or discharging, etc.


Besides coal laboratory, we have also mineral laboratory at Jakarta to serve and cover almost all kinds of minerals including iron ore nickel, iron sand, manganese, zircon, gold, silver, etc.

This laboratory is the largest available in Indonesia to cover the whole teritory plus some other neighboring countries such as Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Saudi Arabia, etc.

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