General Commodity Inspection



Foreign Trade Standards

PSI conducted by a physical inspection of the goods before they are exported. This confirms the quantity and quality described in the sales contract. Some importing countries require the goods to be checked for compliance with national standards. There may also be a need to evaluate the prices and tariff codes.

Importers and exporters will then receive an Independent certification of the quantity, quality and price. This increases confidence in the transaction and prevents any potential disputes concerning the goods shipped. The review of invoices and shipping documents uncovers discrepancies and errors and this prevents costly delays.

Customs authorities in many countries recognize pre-shipment inspection reports and certificates. This allows for more rapid customs clearance, resulting in faster delivery and reduced costs. Pre-shipment inspection reports and certificates also facilitate payment to exporters when letters of credit are used.

Commercial Inspection

a tailor maid inspection can be developed based on client’s need to ensure the merchandise is to their requirement. This kind of Inspection comprise of:

  • Pre-Production Inspection – In addition to factory evaluating, our inspectors are on hand to inspect, by random sampling, the raw material and components to be used in production.
  • During Production Inspection – As soon as the first product comes off the production line, our inspectors are on hand to check for any defect or deviation in quality, and to suggest practical and effective ways in which these can be rectified in the production process.
  • Final Random Pre-shipment Inspection – The pre-shipment takes place when the merchandises are completed, packed of finished goods, based on a statistical random sampling and ready for shipment. Our inspectors pull a random sample technique for inspection. We check on quantity, workmanship, function, color, size specifications and packing details, all with a view in ensuring that contract specifications are met
  • Supervision of Loading – This service is offered at the manufacturer’s premise, warehouse or forwarder during containerization after our Final random Pre-shipment. We coordinate with manufacturer to advise proper cleanliness and working conditions of the container are met.
  • Production & Delivery Monitoring – We will report the update production schedule and delivery status of your merchandise. Details such as weekly report on progress of your merchandises, shipment delivery will be monitored continuously. 


 Products are required to meet essential requirements relating to safety, national security and the Islamic religion as indicated in Saudi standards.

Where no applicable Saudi standard exists, an acceptable international standard may have been sanctioned by SASO. Further information regarding applicable standards may be obtained from the SASO website

Cotton Inspection

as agent for Wakefield Inspection Services, the company is acting as Cotton Controller for the cottons imported to Indonesia. The controlling includes:

  • Seal Breaking, Divining and Tallying Survey
  • Weighing and Tarring
  • Sampling
  • Damage Survey
  • Foreign Matter Survey
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