Hydrocarbon Inspection



In association with Intertek Caleb Brett, we carry out pre shipment inspections and loading/discharging supervision for the petroleum industry worldwide by:

v  Determining quantity, quality and condition of liquid cargoes such as:

  • Crude Oil,
  • Petroleum Products (Naphtha, Kerosene, Gasoline, Fuel Oil, Diesel Oil, etc.),
  • Liquefied Gases (LNG, LPG, Butane, etc.),
  • Chemical and Petrochemical,
  • Palm Oil.

v  Taking sample, analyzing and/or witnessing sample analysis at Petroleum Laboratory Terminals,

v  Ship-Tank and Shore-Tank Inspection

We are registered in PERTAMINA (National State Oil & Gas Company), MIGAS (Directorate General of Oil and Gas), and Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA).

Our major customers are PERTAMINA, KPS (Production Sharing Companies), Multinational Oil Companies, Oil Traders and Oil Refineries.

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